Cloud Server Features

Own cloud server without relying on third parties

Most significant features

Our server is hosted within the domain of the Yrish System, so we do not depend on contracts with other companies, which offers us a greater degree of security, economic savings and freedom of configuration for receiving data from various devices.

Actually, the data acquisition and interpretation process is carried out in two phases:

  • First, all the collected data is pre-processed on a local server that is installed in the user's home. These are data of the normal activity of each individual throughout the day, so they are not significant as long as there are no situations that the system understands that it may be a danger to the person, such as a fall , leave the fire burning, leave the door open, increase in body temperature, low physical activity, abnormal vital signs, etc. 
  • Second, data is sent to the server (yCloud), every 30 minutes and shows the activity detected by each sensor in summary mode, informing about the reliability of the data collected, anomalies in measurements, the need to charge batteries, among others. In the event of any dangerous situation being detected, the data is sent immediately without waiting for 30 minutes and at the same time the relatives, caregivers or persons designated to care for the patient are notified.

With this method we get the data to be processed locally without sending it abroad, thereby achieving greater security at the same time that we free the server in the cloud from the mass of records, since each sensor sends data each very frequently, between 100 and 300 milliseconds.

To carry out these processes it is not necessary for the user to have a contracted line for internet access, since the same installed system makes the connection through a SIM card configured exclusively to make the connection with our server in the cloud, this It is important, since in the event of power failures or line problems, our system continues to operate autonomously for at least 5 hours with batteries without power supply and without interrupting the Wi-Fi connection.

Local system failures:
In the event that the local system fails, the devices detect the error and start sending the data to the cloud server automatically at the same cadence as they would if they sent the data to the local system.

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