Hardware level changes


Most significant changes

More efficient and with independent Wi-Fi connectivity.

They can work autonomously

To offer a greater functionality of the devices, several possibilities or possible scenarios that could happen in the production state have been studied, such as: failure in the local server, failure in a sensor that makes up a device, power failure, forgetting to charge the batteries of the devices that are not connected to the electrical network or not to connect the local server after a failure.

In case of failure of the local server but still with power, connected to the electrical network or by batteries, it is still possible to connect with the cloud system thanks to the fact that internet connectivity is an independent system that works as long as it has power. In case there is no power, the devices will try to connect to the internet line in case the user has contracted it.

If it is impossible to make a connection to the local server or to the server in the cloud, it is still possible that the devices save the latest data that is recorded to send it later to the server when it has been restored. In the event of an alarm, it is still possible to send a warning message via Bluetooth.

The most significant change at the hardware level is the incorporation of the necessary algorithms for the interpretation of the received data even though they do not have connectivity with the outside, in this case they emit visual or acoustic signals to alert the user, for example, in alarms of Open doors or windows, gas leaks, smoke, attempted access to the home, among other cases.

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