LEONOR Project

Description of modifications on the original prototype.

Leonor Project Prototype

YRISH Leonor, is an innovative project that applies Artificial Intelligence for monitoring and surveillance inside and outside the home of elderly people or at risk of dependency, allowing them to develop their basic activities of daily life and have greater independence and management in their pathologies, ensuring that these people remain more active and healthy.

This prototype is aimed especially at elderly people or people with a certain degree of disability and who live alone, although, given the high monitoring capacity, it can also be of great help for people with Grade 1 or moderate dependency, (people who need help at least once a day to perform certain basic activities of daily life).

Prototype Description

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Parts of the system


yCloud - YRISH Technology

Cloud server

We have decided to create our own local server that is housed in the system installed in the user's home to depend on the Internet only in the event of an alarm or to send the data necessary for the safety of the person, in addition, it is not necessary for the user hire an internet line, since our system makes the connection using a prepaid SIM card already incorporated. This gives us greater security and economic savings, in addition to having total control without depending on third parties.

Software A.I.

A.I. YRISH Technology

Smart System Programming

Some changes have been made to the algorithm of the smart system so that it learns from the activities and habits that it carries out throughout the day. With this option, over time, the system will be able to detect significant changes in user activity, such as: not going to the bathroom, too long in bed, difficulty moving around the home, not entering the kitchen to drink or prepare food, etc.

Devices & Sensors

Hardware - YRISH Technology

Hardware level changes

The devices have been manufactured with more efficient and more sensitive sensors with independent Wi-Fi connectivity from the central system, in this way if the system fails or there is a power outage, the data is sent to the cloud automatically. If a device has more than one sensor, they act independently with their own Wi-Fi connectivity, thereby achieving partial operation of the device in the event of a failure.

Software & Hardware

Integración Software & Hardware

System integration

At the software level, we have used the same programming language, both for the central system and for each of the sensors, so we achieve integration without compatibility problems. The method used has been that of modular and independent programming for each sensor, that is, each sensor has its own algorithm for data control, which is why it is in charge of making decisions according to the circumstances, focusing the work of the central system as viewer, filing cabinet and administrator of the sent data.

Vital signs

Vital Sign - YRISH Technology

Biomedical measurements

For medical measurement devices we use the same method as for safety and monitoring sensors, that is, each device consists of the necessary programming to work individually, autonomously and interpret the data, relying on the central system for management. Notices of health problems to family members or caregivers and sending data to the family doctor if necessary. These devices do not need an internet connection to work, but in this case a Bluetooth connection would be necessary to display results on a mobile terminal.

LEONOR Project

Communications Scheme

Proyecto LEONOR

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