System Integration

System Integration

System Integration

Device interconnectivity with the central system.

Identification of devices and sensors by the system

Each device or sensor has an identification at the hardware level, which is the one provided by the manufacturer, and another at the software level, which is the one that identifies the type of device or sensor and its purpose. This last identification is the one that is sent to the central system so that it knows how to administer and manage the received data.

In this way, in addition to the identification of the device to manage the data it sends, it makes it possible that in case of failure of the device or sensor, it is simply replaced without having to perform any additional configuration, simply change.

This option is also valid for adding new sensors, regardless of the type or functionality, since these are automatically detected and added to the system. 

The only requirement is that the device corresponds to the installation, that is, devices cannot be exchanged between different installations since the internal code is the one that identifies who is the user who is going to use it.

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