Smart System Programming

Smart System

Changes in System Algorithms

The system learns from the user's activities and habits

Changes from the original programming

Devices based on artificial vision have been eliminated in order to offer greater user privacy, so a monolayer neural network has had to be trained so that it can fulfill the same mission but with infrared sensors.

The learning of the system is carried out by establishing behavioral guidelines over time, establishing as normal the actions that are repeated the most and analyzing possible changes that are significant about the daily habits or customs of the user.

We have paid special attention to passive detection devices for the monitoring of physiological indicators of people and the quality of the environment in rooms, for which we have incorporated artificial intelligence algorithms for reasoning, pattern detection and decision making based on the wireless sensor network that makes up our prototype.

The constant monitoring of users and the prediction of possible accidents, even before they happen, guarantees quick assistance in an emergency, which allows us to offer these people a better quality of life.

Our objective when reprogramming the intelligent system on which the Leonor Project is based, is the early detection of emergency situations and the reduction of dependency on the elderly.

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